How NOX Cycles combines its marketing with a charitable cause

How NOX Cycles combines its marketing with a charitable cause
Christiane Jokel


On two wheels for environmental protection

As a manufacturer of high-quality e-mountain bikes, NOX Cycles is already helping to ensure that there are more bikes and fewer cars on the planet.

“We are delighted to have found a sustainable partner in ReviewForest, which combines our marketing benefit with a charitable good cause. This way everyone gets something out of it.” (Carsten Sommer)

Carsten Sommer from NOX Cycles


NOX Cycles Austria GmbH has its production facility in Zillertal, Austria. The ideal place to thoroughly test their competitive e-mountain bikes.

The high-tech e-bike manufacturer NOX Cycles has existed since 2004. It was founded in Berlin, and since October 2017 the NOX bikes have been produced in Austria. The brand has made a name for itself primarily in the enduro and downhill sector. Since 2015, the focus has been on the production of high-quality e-mountain bikes, which, with their combination of e-drive and muscle power, give every mountain biker the ideal riding experience.

NOX Cycles struggled in the past with few and mostly poor reviews. Satisfied customers were many, but they didn’t think to review the company. Only those who were not satisfied. A problem every business knows.

Then they found out about ReviewForest.


With ReviewForest, NOX Cycles found the perfect solution to get more reviews while doing something for the environment. To communicate to its customers that NOX Cycles plants a tree for every review, the company includes a flyer with every bike that leaves the factory, which NOX Cycles designed itself in line with ReviewForest marketing material.

Before, the company only received one bad review every few months, but now it gets two to three positive reviews a week!

After the first challenge to get more reviews, NOX Cycles has set itself a new challenge: To plant 1000 trees with the help of the reviews!

Karoline Kopka from NOX Cycles says: “Kudos to you and the whole team, really a great idea to motivate customers to leave reviews!”