Product Update 22. November 2022

Product Update 22. November 2022
Josephine Härtel


1. Optimized registration process and forest creation process

We are in the midst of preparations to connect further review platforms. 

For this purpose, we have optimized the registration process and the addition of additional review forests. 

We will also continuously integrate new review platforms such as Facebook, TrustedShops, TrustPilot and many more from the beginning of 2023. 

When creating new review forests for your business locations and/or products, you will have a wider choice of review platforms and will be able to decide to plant trees for reviews on these platforms as well. 

The new forest creation process is now available, learn more here.

Of course, you will also have the option to connect other review platforms to your existing forests and to start planting trees for reviews on these platforms as well. This will be possible at the beginning of next year. 

2. The website widgets can now be closed by your customers

Some of you have pointed out to us that your customers wish to hide the widgets on your web pages after they have been viewed and used. This is now possible!

Visitors to your website will initially see all the widgets as normal, can read the information, and follow the link. Additionally, they now have the option to hide the widget by clicking on the small “X”. 

The widget will then only be hidden for the particular visitor to your website who has clicked on the “X”. All other visitors to your website will still see the widget. 

3. Improvement of the detail display of your trees/reviews in your review forest

In case you have already planted additional trees, regardless of reviews, you will have seen their display on your review forest. We had a little display bug that made people wonder what it is about. 

For any newly planted tree through additional tree planting, we continue to display the occasion and name the tree was planted for. But we deleted for such non-review based trees the information on the authenticity of reviews. It just didn’t make sense 😉 

4. New link to the ReviewForest blog in the footer of your review forests 

As you can see when reading this article, we are publishing more and more articles on this blog. Most will be directed at you, our customers and partners in planting trees and making the world a better place. But some information will also be interesting for your customers. 

So we included the ReviewForests blog link to the footer of your forest pages. 

5. “What’s new” & “Request a feature”

If you are reading this article, you’ve likely already found this new connection of your account and our ReviewForest blog 🥳

In  “What’s new” we will show you our product updates and inform you about changes. 

Via “Request a feature” you can now tell us what new feature you desire. The link will lead you to our Roadmap, where you  can see what we are working on currently. You can also browse other customers’ wishes and upvote them. What’s more; you can also create an entirely new feature request!