End of Year Design Templates

End of Year Design Templates
Josephine Härtel


At the end of the year, we provide you with design templates for your social media channels. You can find them in your ReviewForest account under “Digital Templates”.

Use the templates to thank your customers for the reviews they wrote for you and the trees they planted. Or wish a merry and “tree-filled” Christmas. Or show how much you gave back to the environment this year with the number of trees you planted.

We write “or” – you can do all this at the same time!

  1. Under “Digital Templates” you will find the access to the design templates
  2. Read through our article or watch our video on how to use and customize the design templates.
  3. Use the link to access the design templates, customize them for yourself and download & share the finished designs on your social media.

Much joy with it. We wish you a peaceful and happy end of the year!