Now Available: Upgrade with 10% discount from discontinued plans

Now Available: Upgrade with 10% discount from discontinued plans
Josephine Härtel


If you see the term “Grandfather Plan” on your invoices, you know that your account runs on an expired pricing plan. The term “Grandfather Plan” comes from a joke our developers made when they switched our system from the old pricing to the new pricing model 😀 

In reference to a cherished family member who has come a long way with us, they came up with the term. And since we have received smiling and amused feedback from many of you about this term, we now keep it and cherish it. 

Back to the topic of upgrading

We are ready for all partners in the discontinued plan (“grandfather plan”) to automatically switch to one of our new pricing plans.  

Because we appreciate your loyalty and perseverance in planting trees, we are offering you a 10% discount on each of the new price plans. 

When you upgrade, you will receive the 10% discount on each new pricing plan and each billing cycle you choose! The discount is unlimited in time; it will always apply to your account. (Note though; if you choose to cancel your review forest or delete your ReviewForest account you will lose this discount)

The benefits of upgrading in a nutshell

With the upgrade come many benefits! Find the single good reasons for upgrading below.

Use the new ReviewForest Widgets and display your review score & planted trees on your website!

Invite your customers to leave a review directly on your website & spread the news that you are planting trees for reviews at the same time

Check out the ‘2 in 1 badge widget’ !

2 in 1 combined widget

Change your planting project! 

You loved to plant trees in Mexico – but you want to spread your planting efforts to other regions of the world? You can do so now, in changing the project you are planting trees with. You find this option inside the settings of your review forest.

Check out your options and read about the different planting projects!

3 planting projects, 3 areas of planting, 3 missions

Benefit from the lower price per tree 

Starting from 1,39€ per tree when planting with  Eden Reforestation Projects on Professional plan. In general we split the costs for providing you with your review forest page(s), the possibility to plant trees for your reviews, the customizable marketing templates and widgets from the price per tree. The price per tree is now sorely based on the price the planting projects uses to plant the tree and care for it.

On our pricing page, scroll down to “Compare features” and change the ‘planting organization’ to see the tree prices per pricing plan & planting project.

Create a forest page for your whole company

Do you have several business locations or products connected to ReviewForest, each creating one review forest? How about showing the trees planted across all your review forests on one page?

Consider upgrading to the Professional plan! Here you can create a Forest for your entire Company, displaying all your review forests in one single forest and showcasing your planting efforts with the total amount of planted trees across all your locations/products. 

company forest

Benefit from the upcoming new features

Access the new features, we are about to release. Among them

  • The ability to send emails and SMS to request reviews from your customers
  • Decide to show your company logo on your forest page (on Premium & Professional Plan)
  • Brand new ‘Testimonial widget’
  • Our “Welcome 2023” present: plant trees for reviews on additional review platforms!
  • … and many more!