How to Create a Google Review Link for Your Business in 2022 (incl. QR Code)

How to Create a Google Review Link for Your Business in 2022 (incl. QR Code)


How do you create a link to let customers leave a Google review for your business?

Google changed the interface to create those links in 2022, so let’s look at how it’s done now. As a bonus, we will also turn the review link into a scannable QR code. Finally, I will show you some examples of how you can use that review link to ask your customers to leave a review.

How-To Video

If you prefer videos over text, this video is for you. In it I explain the same steps that I will explain in this article.

Why You Should Create A Google Review Link

It’s hard to get customers to leave a review. The less work it is to leave a review, the more likely customers will do it. They might not know where to leave the review or how to leave one, so a link is the best way to get them to leave a review for your business on Google.

  • Quick to leave a review
  • Customers leave a review for the correct business profile
  • Customers leave a Google review, which is worth a lot because it improves your Google ranking

How to actually get the link

As Google describes, you need to sign into the Business Profile Manager (formerly known as Google My Business).

If you don’t actually have access to the Business Profile Manager, you can use some workaround but it doesn’t work for all businesses. Alternatively, you can also sign up with us at ReviewForest. Our software automatically creates a review link for your business. But I’d highly recommend gaining access to the Business Profile, since it has many other advantages.

Once you have access, click on ‘See your profile‘:

Then scroll down until you see the ‘Get more reviews‘ button on the right:

A modal pops up with your review link. Copy the link.

Make the review link scannable: create a QR code

Whenever you ask for reviews in a physical setting, you should use a QR code. Imagine having to type that long list of characters on your phone’s keyboard. QR codes are less work for customers who use their smartphone to leave a review for you.  As we know, less work means more reviews.

So how do we make a QR code out of it? There are many free online tools that let you create a QR code. I will use QRcodemonkey for this example.

Paste the link into the field ‘Your URL’. You may want to add your own logo under ‘Add Logo image’. For this example I added Google’s icon.

Now download it as a PNG. Make sure to test it once yourself with your phone. Then use it wherever you can remind customers to leave a review.

How to ask customers to use the review link

Now that you’ve made it easy to review your business, you still need to tell your customers to do it.

Popular ways to use the review link are:

  • Put the review link into your email signature
  • Send customers an email after their order/transaction asking them to leave a review
  • Print the review link and the QR code on business card and hand it out to customers

Here are some examples of what our customers get after they sign up with ReviewForest: