How the Bitpiloten take part for climate protection

How the Bitpiloten take part for climate protection
Christiane Jokel


The Bitpiloten go for ReviewForest

IT service provider Bitpiloten serves small and medium-sized companies in the Ruhr region.

“We are very happy that we found out about ReviewForest. It is the easiest and best way to collect reviews from customers. With ReviewForest, we now get 3-5x more Google reviews a month! Our customers and we are happy about every tree we plant.” (Mirko Bulic from Bitpiloten)

Mirko Bulic from Bitpiloten


The IT service provider in Dortmund has been serving small and medium-sized businesses in the Ruhr region, including offices, industries, law firms and practices, for over 15 years. Whether it’s the delivery of hardware, the set-up, maintenance and monitoring of IT systems, notebook repairs or computer emergency services, the Bitpiloten offer an all-round service in the IT sector.

Bitpiloten don’t just want to talk about climate protection, they want to act. Trees are one of the most effective measures against climate change. Trees can help combat CO2 emissions and the resulting greenhouse effect and global warming by converting CO2 into oxygen.

The IT service provider immediately liked ReviewForest’s concept: collecting reviews for the company while planting trees. Not only doing something good for the company, but also for the earth!


For each of their four locations, Bitpiloten have a review forest with the trees planted on behalf of their customers. There is also a widget on each of their websites showing the number of trees planted per location, and they send their customers tree certificates. All marketing material available in the ReviewForest dashboard.

Meanwhile, the Bitpiloten have planted nearly 600 trees with ReviewForest. Jonas Hoppe from Bitpiloten says: “We were already happy about every review before, now it’s really a great feeling. Our customers are also excited, and we’ve seen a clear increase in reviews.”