Combined 2 in 1 badge widgets now available 

Combined 2 in 1 badge widgets now available 
Josephine Härtel


You did hear about the ReviewForest Badge-Widget to show your review score on your website? You liked the possibility to display your already planted trees in the Tree-Counter Badge-Widget? 

Then you’ll love the 2 in 1 Badge Widget, showing your review score and planted trees inside one Widget!

Our designers and developers have spared no effort to create a new widget for your website. 

The 2 in 1 badge widget shows your review result on Google or Amazon, the individual review texts of your customers AND the trees already planted by your company.

Show your climate positive impact & connect with your customers

Get more customers in displaying social proof for your product or business!

The 2 in 1 Widget allows you to display your review score on your website. It creates trust in your business or product by displaying the review score and reviews directly on your website. Showing your review score and enabling your customers to read what other customers wrote about you creates confidence that you are the company they should choose. This social proof motivates visitors to your website to go one step further and actually become a new customer of yours.

Show your eco-impact of your business and motivate customers to leave a review and plant a tree!

The 2 in 1 Widget creates awareness of you planting trees for all customer’s reviews. It invites visitors of your website to join your efforts in saving the planet by planting trees. Already planted trees by your business prove that you headed into fighting against climate change and the loss of Biodiversity. As we are all affected by these processes and you’re offering your customers to join your efforts in mitigating: there is great potential that your customers will go the extra step and plant a tree by reviewing you!

Customize your 2 in 1 badge widget

You can customize your 2 in 1 badge widget. Choose what you want to display & how the widget should behave – on desktop and mobile.

Within your ReviewForest account, go to Website widgets and choose I want this! below the 2 in 1 badge widget.

Website widgets

Make appearance & content settings

Follow the setup-flow and decide what your 2 in 1 widget should display. You can choose:

  • between a dark or light appearance of your widget
  • including the review platform logo
  • among buttons that either lead to your review forest page or your review platform entry
  • a verification note that verifies that you are planting the mentioned trees

Try it out, play around and choose what best fits you! The preview on the right side gives you a preview of your choices.

Appearance & content settings

Set the behavior of your widget

After you are done with the appearance & content settings, you can set how you want your widget to behave.

Ask yourself the following questions & decide what will work best for your website

  • should the widget appear on the left or right hand side on my website?
  • should it float along while my website visitors are scrolling my pages or should it stay fixed at a certain position? 
  • when a visitor enters my website from a mobile device do I want to show the widget or should it be hidden for mobile devices? 
Behavior settings

Tip: use the preview to see how the widget will look on your website. You can click the widget, see your reviews & check the display on mobile devices as well

Install the 2 in 1 badge widget on your website

Two steps are required to install the widget on your website.

1. Follow the set-up (described above) to the end and copy the html widget code to the clipboard.

2. Install the widget on your website

If you have build your own website, let the widget get installed by your IT personnel. In case you have used a website builder, to create your website, our help articles will help you to install your widget on your website.

In case you used another website builder, find more article on how to set up your widget in our help article selection. If you can’t find a help article for your website builder reach out to us and we will help you to install your widget!