Send SMS review invitations to your customers!

Send SMS review invitations to your customers!
Josephine Härtel


We are happy to offer you this brand new feature: Send review invitations via SMS to your customers.

Asking your customers for reviews is essential to get reviews!

Besides the other options we offer you, you now have the possibility to ask for reviews by sending SMS to your customers.

All you need is your ReviewForest account and your customers’ phone numbers.

Review requests are very effective in getting reviews!

SMS messages are opened 98% of the time, and 90% are read within 3 minutes.

SMS are short text messages that take only a short time to read. Provided with your review link, your customers are instantly able to leave a review for your company/product.

How does it work?
It’s very simple!

  1. You select the business location or product for which you want to ask for reviews.
  2. You choose the preferred SMS template
  3. Send the SMS invitation to the phone number of the recipient
  4. The recipient receives it in real time with the link to your review forest
  5. Using your review link, the customer submits their review
  6. You have just received another review!

More about this in the “step-by-step instructions.

Your overview of already sent SMS gives you information about the status of the sent SMS review requests, so that you always have everything in view.

The best time for review invitations

The question ‘When do I send SMS review invitations to my customers to get as many reviews as possible?’ can be answered briefly with this:

Send review invitation via SMS as soon as possible after your customers have used your service.

If you offer services, a good time to ask for reviews is after the consultation, service and implementation are complete.

If you sell products, give your customers a few days to try the product before asking for a review.

For more on this, see our article on email review requests.

Number of free SMS review invitations

For each pricing plan, we offer a certain number of free SMS review invitations included in the plan price, per business location/product.

So if you have multiple business locations and/or products connected to us, then you can send the number of free SMS from your ReviewForest account for each of the locations/products.

Free SMS included in the pricing plan:

Standard tariff: 10 SMS
Premium tariff: 50 SMS
Professional tariff: 100 SMS

Do you want to send more than the included number of SMS?

No problem, we only charge you 0.15€ for each extra SMS that exceeds the limit included in the plan.

Use data protection option

We offer you the possibility to delete the data of your customers to whom you have sent review requests.

Please note that after deletion we will not be able to show you a list of already sent requests. After deletion, we will only save the number of review requests you have already sent.

Step by step guide

  1. Log in to your ReviewForest account.
  2. Navigate to “Review invitations” in the left menu.
  3. To get to the SMS function, navigate to “Ask for reviews via text message” and click on “Check it out”.
  4. First set the business location or product you want to ask for reviews for in the top right menu.
  1. Use one of the “Send invitations” buttons.
  2. Choose the SMS language by clicking on the appropriate button.
  3. Try out which content template will be best received by your customers. On the right side the preview shows you which text will greet the recipient.
  4. Edit your company name if necessary. We will automatically insert your company name as you have set it for your review forest.
  5. If necessary, edit the sender, which will be displayed to your customer. Sending SMS to USA, Canada, Belgium and Hungary does not work yet. We are working on a solution!
  6. Go to “Next” to enter the recipient(s). The field “Recipient name” is optional.

11. After you have entered the number(s), send the SMS by clicking on “Send invitations”.

Congratulations! Now you have sent your first SMS review requests!