Eden Reforestation Projects: Sowing Seeds of Change in 2023

Eden Reforestation Projects: Sowing Seeds of Change in 2023


As one of the world’s top conservation priorities, Madagascar faces severe habitat loss rates, threatening unique species and diverse forest systems. For that reason, it remains Eden’s most prolific restoration and community development nation, with 46 project sites covering more than 42.800 hectares (that is bigger than the island of Malta). The efforts include infrastructure development, extensive employment opportunities, and collaboration with local communities for transporting seedlings and ensuring tree protection.

🛟 Revitalizing Madagascar: Growing Trees, Transforming Lives

Ever since 2007, Eden has been working closely with local communities and leaders in a bottom-up approach; this means connecting with the local community first. For Eden, it is about more than just planting; it’s about giving communities the tools and opportunities they need in ways that make sense for them. This has led to significant positive changes: People who once struggled to provide for their families can now afford meals and send their children to school. Small businesses are popping up, improving the overall economy. The restoration of forests sets off a chain reaction that brings about positive transformations in every aspect of its surroundings. As people find employment and the land undergoes rejuvenation, the entire community experiences a resurgence, thriving once again.

🔄 Transition to Holistic Landscape Restoration

Eden’s journey has continued to move beyond merely planting trees. The new Landscape Restoration approach is a comprehensive, standards-based methodology that generates environmental, socioeconomic, and biodiversity benefits. This methodical shift continues to go beyond addressing deforestation—it’s about nurturing ecosystems and fostering resilient communities. By leveraging scientific research, effective restoration techniques, and collaborative partnerships, Eden Reforestation Projects ensures that every tree planted contributes to lasting solutions.

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💼 Global Recognition and Partnership

Eden Reforestation Projects proudly joins the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, committing to restore hundreds of millions of hectares of terrestrial and marine ecosystems by 2030. This collaboration underscores Eden’s dedication to large-scale landscape restoration interventions, providing both environmental and socioeconomic benefits. The vision is clear: a vibrant, restored global ecosystem by 2030.

🌍 Leadership in Climate Action

Bryan Adkins, Eden’s CEO, takes the helm as a member of the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) advisory committee. This leadership role strengthens Eden’s commitment to science-informed methods, contributing to a global net-zero economy. As Eden pioneers restoration activities, Bryan’s role in this advisory committee propels knowledge and influence in global restoration efforts.

🌆 Showcasing Impact at Climate Week NYC

Eden Reforestation Projects actively participated in Climate Week in New York City, the largest annual climate event. The spotlight was on advancing Landscape Restoration and conservation to foster healthy relationships between communities and the land. By being part of this influential summit, Eden contributes to meaningful discussions and collaborations addressing the effects of climate change.