ReForest Now planted 150,000 trees since August 2022

ReForest Now planted 150,000 trees since August 2022
Josephine Härtel


ReForest Now has planted 150,000 trees since August 2022 for the Banyula Project on one of their project sites, Saratini Farms.

Banyula (“place of many trees”) is an inclusive reforestation project that stretches from the remnants of the Big Scrub Rainforest across the Saratini Farms land.

There, 300,000 trees will be planted adjacent to an ancient remnant of intact rainforest. 

Over 99% of this ecosystem has been destroyed since European settlement! 

ReForest Now began planting 150,000 trees on this site alone in August 2022 and plans to plant another 150,000 trees by April 2023. 

To date, 172 native rainforest species have been used, many of which are threatened. This is a significant project success! 

ReForest Nows aims to promote biodiversity as much as possible and mitigate the effects of climate change.

Planting rainforest trees, regenerating existing camphor trees, and regenerating monoculture forests will support the natural biosystems of this area. 

Planting native rainforest trees will regenerate the remnants of the neighboring Big Scrub, creating a larger rainforest and allowing local flora and fauna to thrive.

You can support the project by planting the trees for your reviews with ReForest Now! Simply go to your review forest settings and change your planting project to ReForest Now!