API for all! Our public API is now available

API for all! Our public API is now available
Josephine Härtel


Some of you have waited a long time for this. Now the time has come! Our public API is now available for you 🎉.

Are you wondering what that is – don’t worry – here’s a little overview: APIs, Application Programming Interfaces, allow independent applications to communicate with each other and exchange data. Our app where you manage your ReviewForest account and your CRM or accounting program are examples of such applications.

Once linked, our API interfaces allow you to save many manual intermediate steps and extend features you know from your ReviewForest account.

The best way to do this is to talk to your developer and tell him/her about the new possibilities!

API, examples of use

To give you an overview of what is possible with our public API, we give you some examples of use here.

Review invitations, send automatically

Do you use a program that registers every product sale? Then you can connect your program through the API with our software and automatically – after a successful sale – send each buyer a review invitation by email or SMS, automatically!

This will save you time and make sure that you receive reviews.

Additional trees, plant automatically

You plant trees for reviews on Google, Facebook or Amazon. But have you ever had a closer look at the function to plant additional trees?

You can also use this feature to say thank you to, for example:

  • every participant in your customer survey
  • every employee on the occasion of the company anniversary

These trees will also appear on your review forest page & you will receive a tree certificate to give away.

With the new API you can connect your software with ours and program automatic processes that let you plant the additional trees automatically.

Show your tree number or configure widgets

Our widgets allow you to:

  • display your customer reviews on your website
  • display the trees you planted on your website
  • or do both together: display the reviews & display the trees

We now offer you 6 different widgets, – all of them can be configured in appearance and function.

Do you want to change the configuration of an existing widget afterwards, – without uninstalling it and re-installing it on your website?
then our API will help you!

You also get access to an endpoint via your API key, which exclusively outputs the number of your trees. This allows you or your developer to set up an individual solution to display your trees.

For more use examples, see our API documentation, which you can find in your RevierForest account under “Integrations“.

API Documentation & API Playground

Our API Playground, as an interactive environment, allows you to try out and test the API in real time. It provides a convenient way to send API requests, receive responses, and explore the various features of the API. Through the API Playground, you can test requests with different parameters and settings to check the output and behavior of the API without already building your own application. This makes it easier to prototype, debug, and understand the API features.

You can find our API Playground & API documentation in your RevierForest account under “Integrations” or follow this link to the playground or the link to the documentation.

Our API documentation contains technical information, instructions, and examples to help you use the API effectively. It provides a clear description of the available endpoints, parameters, data structures, and authentication methods.

It describes how our API can be used to retrieve data, use functions, or interact with other applications.

Explore our API documentation and get started in our API Playground to simplify the integration of ReviewForest features. We’re excited to see your innovative applications!

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to contact us!